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Dear all,

Today we have something special for You.
Forgive - a song by Lara Laroushka Eidi, Lebanese - Canadian artist, born in Greece ;).

You can listen to this song here http://www.youbloom.com/ybsc/entry/3050/

This song takes part in voting for a prestigious Music Awards in http://www.youbloom.com/ 
If You like it - vote for it!

It's easy, the portal will guide you through registration and voting process, it took me only few minutes (no costs included).

Lara wants to support Greek shelters and orphanages with the money from her reward.

Registration gives you additional benefits as well. The portal offers access to many great songs, many of them haven't even been released yet! If you're an artist yourself - registration will allow you to take part in the similar contests in future.

And here is few words from the author:
I began writing this song not with just the crisis in mind but with the crisis in humanity we are facing. Let's help create awareness through music. Please vote for it.

My intention is that the money received will go to these three shelters and orphanages:
1. http://www.klimaka-cosmos.net/
2. Kivoto Athens - does not have a website i
3. Mother Teresa Athens - also does not have website
All people in these places have been affected by the crisis on a daily basis - entire families - Greeks mostly, and non Greeks.Your vote really counts guys.

Meet Lara:
Lara Laroushka Eidi was born to Lebanese - Canadian parents in Athens, Greece. She had a love for music since the age of 8, where she took piano lesson for 10 years at Odeo Kodaly. She participated often in the national Children's choir of Athens Greece, including performances at the Bizet's Carmen at the Athens Concert Hall, Megaro Mousikis . She also performed in state productions of two musical at her school, including "Chicago" and "A Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum". Once she graduated, she took a small break from music as she wanted to explore her love for literature, and took a B.A. in English Literature and Journalism at Deree College, continuing her studies in a Masters at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. It was in Scotland, after gigging around local bars that she decided she wanted to take up music professionally. After returning to Greece in the summer of 2008, she was lucky enough to participate in a production with one of Greece's most prolific singers, Maria Farandouri (associated with Mikis Theodorakis) "Cine Maria" as a back up soloist. It was Mrs. Farandouri who advised Lara Eidi to start performing around Athens, to which she then joined as lead jazz singer of popular Jazz Quintet - Hot Club de Greece. Meanwhile, she took up her music studies again, at Odeon Mouskis Praxis practice as she wanted to combine performance and the study of music. She then signed on as a session musician, performing vocals, piano and guitar for Local Indie Band "Leon", for which she assisted in orchestrating the music along with its ten members. She also gigged as a solo artist acoustically around Athens, and it was then she started writing her own songs, and compositions. She currently composed music for Aliki Tsilgari's Short Animated entry into the London Film Festival, as well as her song, "Refuge" that is to be used for a national Greek environmental campaign (Militos Technologies). She is at the moment travelling, writing songs just after performing at the Vinifest of Beirut Lebanon in October.

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  1. Lara's song qualified for quarterfinals. Next round start on March 28th.

    Thank you all for voting!

    Be with us on quaterfinals, take care!


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