(EN) Second Round- 'Forgive' by Lara Eidi: Kultura/ Culture

Dears, one more time we need your suport.

What is about?

Some of you already know song Forgive - by Lara Laroushka Eidi.

(If you don't know or don't remeber this song you can listen it here

How we wrote last time this song takes part in voting for a prestigious Music Awards (more about awards and competition you will find here -  http://www.youbloom.com)

After first voting round Lara is quarter finalist. She needs our votes to join next level (semi final) of this competition.

From 28th of March till 4th of April 2012

you can vote for her song.

If you didn't support Lara before you need register first* if you have account just clik and vote again for her song Forgive.

*It's really easy, it takes only few minutes (no costs included). Registration gives you additional benefits as well. The portal offers access to many great songs, many of them haven't even been released yet! If you're an artist yourself - registration will allow you to take part in the similar contests in future.

Help us and support Lara, her song is great as well as her heart (Lara wants to support Greek shelters and orphanages with the money from her reward )

More about Lara and her vision - here.

Best regards

Cat.e & Endru

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